Using Solar Energy as a Primary Source of Power


With our energy supply diminishing, our infrastructure crumbling, and our climate being destroyed, its time to make a change. Our current administration, along with big oil companies are trying to keep us in the past century, by continuing to use fossil fuels and other sources of energy that have negative effects on the planet. Rather than using forward thinking we have adopted this mindset of the past was great, and we need to get back to it. This is a major problem. Solar energy is a much talked about solution to our problems, and it is certainly necessary to look into it. In order to do this we need data, evidence, and forecasts that allow us to gain a general understanding of how this would work.  In conducting research, I came across a study done at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which examines the technology, offers implementation methods, and mentions potential policy changes that could help foster the growth of solar technology. Using the data in the study, i would like to lay out, and analyze solar technology, implementation strategies, climate effects, and policy changes that we can make.

The first step that must be taken, is building a solid foundation of solar energy, in order to prepare for a major scale up of the technology over the next thirty years. The two things that must be occurring, in order for us to achieve this are, finding methods to integrate solar technology into our current electrical systems, and electing representatives that will create policy to foster this growth. The current form of solar energy that is now being used is known as photovoltaic technology. This technology takes energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. It is the most efficient form of distribution, due to its very low costs and high output. The researchers at MIT propose that we shift our focus towards developing this technology, as it is gaining the most support from the industry, they mitigate effects on the climate, and they allow for policy to be made that further support its development. A solution that has been proposed for expanding this technology is using subsidies for generation, rather than investment. This would provide incentive for companies to generate energy by installing such systems.


The most important goal we should have as a society when it comes to energy, is efficiency and climate protection. These two things allow for our maximal productivity, and long term sustainability. With these two goals in mind, we can create a framework, that allows us to begin enhancing our energy supply. Solar is clearly one of the top solutions, due to cost efficiency and mitigation of climate effects. This shows that we as a society need to adopt more of a long term mindset, thinking about sustainable energy, that is secure and will create jobs. The framework laid out by researchers at MIT is one I agree with wholeheartedly. Solar energy is something we must continue to develop, and eventually implement into our daily energy systems.

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