Will the Future Increase the Education Gap?

Education is increasingly becoming the topic of many candidates in recent elections. Why is that someone may ask, have we not we achieved a good education for everyone in America by 2017? The National Education Foundation does research on how to close the achievement gap, they have come up with a  few points to combat the education gap. The multiple points are: Enhanced Cultural Competence, Comprehensive Support for Students, Outreach to Students’ Families, Strong District Support, Access to Qualified Staff, and Adequate Resources and Funding. These points are very important to note, but what happens when education becomes disrupted by major technology. The very rich neighborhoods in big cities will have AI teachers will inner city schools are just now being caught up to smart boards at best. Education throughout this semester has been about what will change, but in this post I wanted to focus on reality right now and how much of a difference this will make for students who are not being prepared for the future. The isolation of African Americans and Latinos has been a major problem in the past but is slowly becoming better. Since 2000, with little notice, the gap between both African American and Hispanic students and whites has narrowed in the 4th and 8th grade tests in math and the 4th grade reading test conducted for the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the nation’s common yardstick of student performance. On 8th grade math, the gap since has narrowed for Hispanic but not black students. That’s a significant improvement from the 1990s when African Americans and Hispanics failed to gain ground on most of those tests. As a country and individuals who make up this country, we need to do a better job of creating opportunities for everyone. Education should not become a trickledown effect, technology needs to be made readily available to everyone or the gap will just become bigger.

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